Hand Held Refractometer Model GE-139

A pocket refractometer designed on the principle of total reflection for measuring the refractive index . The built in occular scale gives direct reading for percentage of Sugar density. Packed in a beautiful velvet box.
A) Sugar scale 0-32% in division of 0.2 %
B) Sugar scale 0-50% in division of 0.2%
C) Sugar scale 58-92 % in division of 0.2%
D) Sugar scale 28-62% in division of 0.2% combined with nD 1.377 to 1.440 for NaCl reading.



Student Polarimeter Model GE-140

A high quality sensitive polarimeter designed on Laurant Half Shade system for most accurate results, workable on sodium lamp unit. Heavy C.I. base with stand adjustable in height. Equipped with polarising unit. Analyser with precisely graduated circular scale capable of rotation and divided in single degrees. Vernier reading to 1/ 10=6 minutes with slow motion mechanism. Supplied complete with 200mm Polarimeter Tube . Nicely Packed in card board box with instruction manual.

Bi- Quartz Polarimeter Model GE -140B
Same as above but fitted with Bi-Quartz which is workable on white and sodium light.


Laboratory Polarimeter 220MM Model-GE-141

* Sensitive rotating Laurant Half Shade device workable on sodium light source.
* Circular Scale 0-360 combined with sugar scale -0 to 30s and +0 to 130 s mounted in dust proof metal housing.
* Vernier least count 0.05.
* One piece Aluminium casted rigid body.
* Analyser & Polariser made of Polaroid.
* Polarimeter Tubes (Bubble type) of size 100 mm & 200mm made of thick wall Borosilicate glass.
* Nicely packed in Plywood box with instruction manual, dust cover & cleaning cloth.










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