Portable Over Head Projector Model GE- 102

A very compact and Light weight portable OHP which can be folded to be kept in a carrying case for easy portability . The Equipment incorporates Twin Lamp facility along with Three Element lens (315mm) system for razor sharp images, Built- in Lamp changer, quiet cooling fan, Lamp economizer circuit & Torroidal Transformer.
Specifications :-
* Projection Lamp : 24 V- 250 Watts, A1/223 Halogen
* Condenser System : Mirror Coated Fresnel Condenser A4 Size
* Power Source : AC 220- 240 V, 50 Hz
* Dimensions : 418 mm (L) x 318 mm (W) x 128 mm (H)
* Weight : 7.5 Kg (approx.)
Supplied in Moulded Luggage carrying case with standard accessories.


Projection Screens Model GE-104,105 & 106

* Map Type (GE-104): Can be hung on the wall or Black Board with a hook.
* Wall Type with Spring Action (GE- 105) : A matt white screen on metal frame that can be quickly erected or dismantled for easy storage. It is tensioned with the help of a special spring automatic roller system.
* Seperate Tripod stand (foldable) is also available for above screens.
* Deluxe Projection Screen with Tripod Stand (GE- 106) :
Rolls up on a spring roller in a convenient rectangular metal housing and is mounted on a collapsible tripod stand (Heavy Duty) with Height adjustment .
All the above screens are available in following sizes :-
(A) 90 x 120 cms (B) 150 x 150 cms (C) 130 x 175 cms



Abbe Refractometer Model GE-138

Suitable for testing and control of purity / quality of oils, sugar, paraffins, waxes , animal and plant fats, gylecerin, alcohol etc. Designed for Quick & convenient measurement of refractive index and also dispersion of liquids and solids.
* Measuring Range of Refractive index nD 1.300 to nD 1.700.
* Sugar percentage scale 0 to 95 % Brix.
* Attachable thermometer 0 to 50 C in metal jacket.
* Standard glass plate having refractive index of 1.509 and contact solution for standardization.
* Aluminium alloy casted rigid body.
* Nicely packed in plywood box with instruction manual , dust cover & cleaning cloth.

Model GE- 138 B
Same as above but supplied with four Test Plates for calibration.









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