Research Polarimeter 400mm Model GE-142

* Sensitive rotating half shade device which accepts observation tubes upto 400 mm length.
* Accurate Glass scale is divided to read angular degrees and also carries sugar scale in I.S.S. units.
* Circular scale from 0-360 is sub-divided to 1. Measuring accuracy by estimation 0.01.
* The sugar scale from -30 to + 130 I.S.S. Units enables direct reading to 0.1 & by estimating of 0.02 sugar degree.
* Aluminium casted rigid body.
* Supplied complete with three Polarimeter tubes of size 100 mm, 200 mm & 400 mm made of Borosilicate glass.
* Packed in thick Plywood box with instruction manual & dust cover.
* Sodium Lamp( 35W) with Power Supply is also available for use with all the above Polarimeters.


Centrifuge Machine ( Electrical) Model GE- 160

Widely used in Pathological labs, Blood Banks, Educational Institutes for routine centrifuging tests. The centrifuge has a heavy gauge spun Aluminium guard bowl & cover, which completely encloses the head, Electrically operated, with the speed regulator switch having On/Off & five speed positions. Finished with attractive enamel paint. Packed in card board box.

Technical Specifications :- AC/DC motor with 3500 R.P.M. Works an 220-230 volts. Swing out rotor head & Angle rotor.
A) 4 Tubes x15 ml
B) 6 Tubes x15 ml
C) 8 Tubes x15 ml



Doctors Centrifuge Model GE-161

Deluxe model with fixed angle rotor heads of 15ml tube capacity. Built in 5 step speed regulator. Capacity 8 tubes x 15ml





Hand Centrifuge Model GE-163


Hand operated centrifuge machine can be fixed on a beach with the help of a clamp. Works on a worm & spiral gear drive. Comprises of detachable cork handle & centrifuge tubes. A)  2 tubes  x 15ml.  B) 4 Tubes x 15ml














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