Epidiascope (1000 Watt) Model GE - 92

An efficient air cooled Epidiascope gives a large, brilliant image of 8.2 cm x 8.2 cm Lantern slides , 5x5 cm Kodachrome slides, 35 mm film strips, microscope slides & opaque objects such as manuscript photos from News Paper, Charts, Magazines etc.
This convertible projector is equipped with high grade Anastigmatic lenses and surface coated reflecting mirrors which give brilliant image. Equipped with perfectly noiseless cooling fan with plenty of general ventilation.
Projection of opaque objects such as photographs/manuscripts are obtained by placing the specimens on large size table 12" x 9" which drops down three inches by a cam operated handle. Epidiascope can be used as a Slide Projector by the turn of a lever and by attachment of slide carrier .
This can also be used as Film Strip Projector & Microslide Projector with the aid of different accessories supplied alongwith. Complete with 1000 watts , 220/250 volt Projection Tube.

Over Head Projector Model GE-100

Compact Overhead Projector projects bright & sharp images of T.P., X-Ray films and Slides on the wall or projection screen behind the operator . Equipped with best quality Double Fresnel Condensor and most efficient thermostatically controlled cooling system and Hi- Low Intensity switch for light intensity variation. Fitted with Microswitch contact Circuit system to ensure risk free operation. Projection head is having elevation device & sensitive focussing by Rack & Pinion. Supplied complete with writing pack consisting of color pencils, cellophane roll 10 mts and Dust cover. Nicely packed in Thermocal packing inside a sturdy cardboard box.
Specifications :-
Projection Lens :- Single Element lens, F- 254 mm
Condenser System :- Fresnel Condenser
Projection Lamp :- 24V-250 Watt Halogen Lamp
Power Source :- AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
Stage Aperture :- 250 x 250 mm (Working Size)
Cooling System :- Blower Cooled
Projection Distance :- 1.0 to 3.0 meters
Dimensions & Wt. :- 310x310x210mm,10kg (approx.)

Model GE- 100B
Same as Model GE- 100 but fitted with twin lamp for failure free presentation. Two lamps have been installed so that if one bulb fuses at any time, a change of the knob will light the second bulb instantly thereby eliminating any interruption during the presentation.


Optional Accessories for OHP :- OHP Stand , Laser Pointer, Spare Bulbs, OHP Cabinet, Transparency Making Kit , OHP Trolley, Projection Screen, Slide Attachment, Mounted Transparency Sheets etc.









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