Film Slide Projector Model GE -85

* Economy model : 100 Watt special projector lamp with power cooling system.
* 100 mm long Helical tube for focusing, fitted with triplet lens to project 2"x2" projector slides.
* Built in a beautiful compact body.
* Workable an 220 V AC.
* Packed in a velvet box along with metallic carriage for 2"x2" slides.



Deluxe Film Slide Projector Model GE -86

35 mm slide projector is having compact, sturdy metal body. Equipped with superior Noiseless blower fan for cooling. Illumination through HALOGEN LAMP 24 volt - 150 watt with Solid State Transformer. High performance halogen lamp ensures bright & clear image. Provided with very fine focussing system.
Supplied with 2"x2" slide carrier in a beautiful velvet box .




Automatic Slide Projector Model Autofocus 520

* A Twin-Tray System, to choose between a Universal Slide Tray for 36/50 slides & Circular Tray for 100 slides.
* A Remote Control with cord for advancing the slides in any direction.
* A dual Switch mode that operates the cooling fan separately.
* Equipped with a powerful Halogen Lamp 24 volts- 150 watt.
* A Unique Thermostat device which automatically cuts off the lamp in case of overheating.
* Auto focus by thyristorized infra-red double Cds Autofocus Systems.
* Adjustable Auto timer with 5-40 seconds.
* An elegant easy-to-carry Case.
* Max thickness of slides -2.2 mm for Roto tray - 3.5 mm for Flat/Linear Tray.
* Halogen lamp 24V/150W l Power supply - 230V, 50Hz AC
* f-2.8: 85mm Coated lens
* Dimensions 300 x 275 x 120mm (approx.)
* Weight 5.40 kgs (approx.) excluding the outer pack.


All specifications as above except that remote control for advancing the slides is CORDLESS











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