Inclined Stereo Microscope Model GE - 59
* Inclined Binocular Head, interpupilliary distance (55 to 75mm) and dioptric adjustment allows you comfortable viewing.
* Pole Type stand easily allows repositioning of the head to accommodate specimens of varying height. Fine focus by rack & pinion motion.
* Round glass stage with Black & white matted plate for field contrast.
* Objectives:- Sliding Achromatic Objectives 2x and 4x having 80 & 55mm working distance.
* Eye Pieces : Coated Lens WF 10x (paired) {Optional WF 15x, WF 20x}.
* Magnification :- 20x & 40x.
* Packed in Thermocol / Plywood box with Dust cover, Cleaning Cloth,
Eye guards.


Stereo Microscope with Trans illumination Base Model : GE-59B

Same as GE-59 but with fixed transillumination stand with hand rests and reflector for transmitted light. Plywood case packing with standard accessories.



Stereo Microscope with Built- in Light Model : GE-59C

Same as GE-59 but supplied with base illumination system. It consists of a large base with built in 6V-20W bulb and solid state variable light control. Input 220V AC. Packed in Themocol / Plywood Box with standard accessories.




Advanced Stereo Binocular Microscope Model GE-60

* Inclined Binocular Head rotatable to 360 which can be locked at any position. With interpupillary distance adjustable from 55 to 75 mm and Dioptric adjustment from +6 to 6 on one side.
* Objectives :- 2x and 4x OR 1x and 3x on Quick Changing turret.
* Eyepieces :- 10x Extra Wide Field (paired) {Optional WF 15x, WF 20x E.P.}
* Magnifications :- 20x & 40x OR 10x & 30x
* Fine focus by Rack & Pinion motion.
* Built in illumination for Incident (epi) and substage (Transmitted) light. Both can be used individually or simultaneously with the help of 3 way Switch.
* Round glass stage changeable with white perspex stage plate.
* Packed in Thermocol Box with Instruction Manual, Dust cover, Eye Guards & cleaning cloth.


Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope Model GE-61

Multipurpose Zoom Binocular Microscope with rigid base, revolving head inclined at 45.
Objectives : Highly corrected continuous Zoom 1x to 5x.
Eyepieces : 10x Extra Super Wide Field (Paired)
Magnification : Ranging from 5x to 200x (corresponding to Eye pieces & auxilliary objectives used)
IPD : Adjustable from 52 to 75 mm.
Working distance : 88 mm.
Adopters : Adjustable from +6 to 6 on both sides.
Focusing : 150 mm Coarse and 50mm Fine Focusing .
Illumination : Incident & Transmitted light are 12V- 20Wt. each. Both can be used individually or simultaneously .
Packing : In attractive Plywood Box with standard Accessories.
Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Model GE-61B
Same as Model GE-61 but with Trinocular Head instead of Binocular.


Student Projection Microscope Model GE-62

* Economy Projection Microscope having Coarse & Fine Focusing Mechanism .
* Built in Light with transformer and 3 step intensity control.
* Plain stage with stage clips for holding slides. (Graduated Mechanical stage is optional at extra cost)
* 360 revolving Projection Doom with 150mm (6") screen fits on the eye piece tube.
* Achromatic Objectives :- 10x and 20x (SL) or 40x (SL)
* Projection Eye Piece :- 10x (Huygenian)
* Packed in a sturdy wooden box with lock & key.




Advanced Projection Microscope Model GE-63

* Microscope Body is heavy duty, inclined monocular type with sturdy base.
* Equipped with Coarse & Fine Focusing systems with Quadruple revolving Nose Piece.
* Plain stage (120x120mm) with graduated Mechanical Stage for X-Y movements of specimen slide.
* Built in light by 6V-20W halogen lamp with continuously variable light intensity control.
* The whole system of condenser & light arrangement is moveable up & down by rack & pinion to get the optimum results.
* Projection Doom of screen size 150 mm is rotatable through 360.
* Objectives : Achromatic 10x & 20x/40x (SL)
* Projection Eye Piece : 10x (Huy)
* Packed in a thick and attractive plywood box.












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