Deluxe Binocular Microscope Model GE-48

All features are same as per Model GE-44, except it is provided with 45 inclined BINOCULAR HEAD with interpupillary adjustment ( 55-75mm) and dioptric adjustment on one side. Binocular head is rotatable through 360. Includes pair of Huygeniun Eye Pice 5x and Wide Field Eyepiece 10x along with Eye Guards.





Coaxial Binocular Microscope Model GE-51

Focusing Mechanism : Co-Axial Coarse & Fine adjustment for accurate & easy operation. Tension control ring for coarse focusing adjustment sets the focusing for repeat observations for different slides.
Stage : Fixed Co- Axial Mechanical Stage with low drive controls.
Binocular Head : Inclined at 45 & rotatable through 360 with anti reflection coated prisms.
Nose Piece : A low friction Ball Bearing Quadruple Nose Piece having a wide knurled gripping surface for easy rotation.
Condenser : Abbe Type N.A. 1.25 condenser with iris diphragm and swing-out filter holder, focussable by Rack & pinion .
Illumination : Built- in base 6V-20W halogen bulb illumination with continuously variable light intensity control. Plano concave reflector is also provided for day light use.
Optical Combination :-
Eye Pieces :- Achromatic 10x WF (Coated) & Huy 5x (Paired) Objectives :- Achromatic 5x, 10x, 40x/45x (SL), 100x (SL) Oil. Complete with operating manual, lens cleaning paper, immersion oil, eyeguards, dust cover & duster. Packed in styrofoam packing inside a beautiful wooden box.

Trinocular Co- Axial Microscope Model GE-52

Same as Model GE-51 except with additional vertical phototube. Fingertip control lever diverts image from Binocular to Phototube. Generally this model is recommended for Microphotography and CCTV system.


Inclined Co-Axial Microscope Model GE -50

Specifications are same as Model GE-51 except that observing head is Monocular Type, inclined at 45 and rotatable through 360.



Stereo Dissecting Microscope Model GE-55

A Stereo Microscope gives you three dimensional binocular view of large size with long working distances .
It is mostly used for Textiles, Diamond, Electronic & watch Industry & also in Botany & zoology department etc.

* Straight Binocular Head with adjustable Interpupilliary Distance (55 to 75mm)
* Fine Focus by Rack & pinion motion.
* Adjustable Head in Height on Pole stand.
* Round 82 mm glass stage with Black & white matted Plate for field contrast.
* Field of view : 5.5 mm.
* Eye Pieces :- WF 10x ( Paired) Coated lenses {Optional : WF 15x Eyepieces}
* Objective : - Fixed Achromatic Objective 2x or 3x or 4x (pair)
* Pressure Die Cast Components and highly resistant scratch proof epoxy finish.
* Packed in Thermocol/ Plywood Box with Dust Cover, Cleaning cloth & Eye guards.








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