Microscope Lamp

Microscope Lamp :- (Sub stage illuminator) Light alloy vented housing with blue filter and 220V, 15W bulb. Suitable for Student, Junior and Medical microscopes.



B) With stand, 220V AC.





Mechanical Stage

Mechanical Stage :- Graduated, Heavy pattern. Horizontal & vertical movements of 70 mm & 35 mm by Rack & Pinion.

Economy Model of light pattern is also available.




Camera Lucida Mirror type

Camera Lucida Mirror type :- This instrument will fit on any straight monocular tube microscope. Very valuable in preparing accurate and neat drawings of microscopic materials. Supplied in velvet case.





Camera Lucida Prism Type : Same as above. Image with the help of the mounted Prism.



Double Demonstration Eye Piece

Double Demonstration Eye Piece : This demonstration Eye piece fits any standard 23 mm dia. eye piece, making it possible for two persons to see the same object at the same time. Fitted with a pointer. Magnification : 10x.










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