Junior Medical Microscope (With Movable Condenser) Model GE-32

* Monocular body, tube inclinable upto 90 degrees, mechanical tube length 160 mm. With triple revolving nose piece.
* Fitted with double lens abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with Iris diaphragm and filter mount, which can be moved through Rack & Pinion motion by a knob on left side.
* Rack & pinion Coarse Focusing & fine focusing by Slow Motion mechanism.
* Plano concave Reflector for illumination.
* Objectives :- Achromatic 10x & 40x/45x
* Eye Pieces :- Huygenian 10x & 15x (Optional : W F 10x)
* Magnification :- 100x to 675x
* Packed in an attractive & thick Sunmica clad plywood box. Supplied with dust cover, Cleaning Cloth, Lens Cleaning paper & Operating manual.


Medical / Pathological Microscope MODEL GE -38

Widely used in Pathological labs and Educational institutes.
* Pressure Die-Cast interchangeable components with robust & sturdy construction.
* Seperate Coarse & graduated Fine Motion with sensitivity of 0.002 mm.
* Fitted with attachable graduated Mechanical Stage having X and Y movements.
* Sub stage Abbe Condenser with Iris Diaphragm & filter holder, focussable with rack & pinion.
* Illumination by Plano-concave reflector of dia 50 mm. (Interchangeable for electric illuminator 220 V- 15 W directly workable on mains)
* Optical combination :-
Eye Piece :-Coated WF 10X & Huy 5X
Objective :- A chromatic 10x , 40x/45x (SL) & 100x (SL) Oil Immersion.
* Scratch proof highly resistant epoxy finish / powder coated.
* Packed in Styrofoam packing inside a Sunmica clad Plywood box.
* Supplied with detailed working manual, Dust Cover, cleaning cloth & lens cleaning paper.

Inclined Medical Microscope Model GE-39

Same as GE-38 but fitted with 360 rotatable INCLINED TUBE instead of straight one. Microscope lamp (Substage Pin Type) directly workable on 220 V, AC along with Plano Concave reflector is also supplied.

* The above Models are also supplied with 100x (Oil Immersion) - Original IMPORTED or all IMPORTED OPTICS instead of 'UNICON' make at extra cost.
* The above Models can also be supplied with FIXED Mechanical Stage or Co- Axial Mechanical Stage instead of Attachable Mechanical Stage at EXTRA COST.

Economical Inclined Microscope Model GE- 43

Inclined Microscope having all the features that are generally required but very economical in price :-
* Heavy cast metal rectangular body .
* Seperate Coarse Motion & highly sensitive Slow Motion.
* Revolving Quadruple nose piece.
* Attachable Graduated Mechanical stage for X-Y movements.
* Built in illumination by 6V-20W halogen bulb with continuously variable intensity control ( solid stage transformer).
* Provision for day light illumination by plano concave mirror .
* With 45 Inclined tube rotatable through 360.
* Abbe Type N.A. 1.25 condenser with Iris Diphragm & Filter holder moveable up & down by Rack & Pinion.
* Finished with highly resistant beautiful stoving finish .



Economical Binocular Microscope Model GE-47

Specifications are same as per model GE-43, except it is provided with 45 inclined Binocular Head with interpupillary adjustment ( 2" to 3") and diopter adjustment on one side. Binocular Head is rotatable through 360. Includes PAIR of Huygenian Eye Pieces 5x and Wide Field Eye Pieces 10x along with Eye Guards.
Optical Combination for Model GE-43 & GE-47 :-
Model No. Head Achromatic Objectives Eye Pieces
GE-43 Monocular 5x, 10x, 40/45x (SL) & 100x(SL)OIL WF 10x & Huy 5x
GE-47 Binocular 5x, 10x, 40/45x (SL) & 100x(SL)OIL WF 10x (PAIR)&
Huy. 5x (PAIR)
Supplied with operating manual, dust cover, lens cleaning paper & cleaning cloth. Packed in a beautiful sunmica clad plywood box.


Deluxe Inclined Microscope Model GE- 44

* Improved heavy design of cast metal body.
* A large stage fitted with COAXIAL MECHANICAL STAGE having low drive co- axial knobs for X-Y movement of slide.
* A built in base 6V-20W halogen light illumination with Light Intensity regulator. Provision for easy replacement of Halogen bulb.
* Superior Quadruple revolving Nosepiece with positive click stops.
* Observation head is 45 MONOCULAR INCLINED TUBE rotatable to 360.
* Low position Coarse & calibrated Fine Focussing controls.
* Optical Combination :-
Objectives : Achromatic 5x, 10x, 40x/45x(SL) & 100x SL Oil
Eye Pieces: Coated WF 10x & Huy 5x.
* Packed in a Styrofoam box inside an attractive Sunmica clad plywood box.










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