Reading Telescope Model GE- 72

Designed for general laboratory work. The telescope is mounted on 16 mm dia. & 45 cms. high rod fitted on heavy tripod base. The telescope is fitted with 25 mm clear aperture achromatic Objective & 10 x Ramsden Eye piece with cross wire. Focussing by rack & pinion from 1 meter to infinity. Suplied complete with perspex scale & scale holding attachment.

Advanced Reading Telescope Model GE-72B
Same as the Model GE-72 but provided with Heavy round base with levelling screws and 22 mm dia, 45 cms high steel chrome plated rod. The telescope is provided with Up & Down and To & Fro (Universal) motion with scale.



Astronomical Telescope Model GE-73

Overall length of telescope is about 68 cms. It is fitted with 50 mm dia, 60x achromatic objective of Focal length 22 inches . The telescope is mounted on pillar having universal motion. The whole telescope is fitted on epoxy finished metal tripod stand about 4 feet high (adjustable). Telescope is packed in a velvet box.

GE-73 B :- Same as above but fitted with 62mm dia objective.

GE-73 C (Terrestrial Telescope) :- Same as Model GE-73 but fitted with an extra Erector Tube (Terrestrial attachment).



Spectrometer Standard (College Type) Model GE -74

The spectrometer consists of a telescope and a collimator mounted on a stable heavy C. I. base with three levelling screws. The protected 150 mm (6") or 175 mm (7)" scale divided into 0-360 degrees in steps of half degrees can be read from both scales & moves along with the telescope to give its exact position. It gives accuracy of one minute of an arc or 30 seconds of an arc. Telescope is having an achromatic objective of 7" focal length and a Ramsden Eye Piece with a cross line graticule . The collimator is also fitted with 7" objective & adjustable precision vertical slit with jaws of non rusting metal. Both the telescope & collimator are having fine rack & pinion motion. In the centre of the table there is a prism table for clamping of prism or diffraction grating . Packed in a sturdy wooden box with instruction manual & duster.
l Available in Brass and Stainless Steel scale in both the sizes of 15.0 cm (6") and 17.5 cm (7") of protected circle.

Deluxe Spectrometer Model GE-74B
Specifications are same as above. Only fine adjustment to the telescope and collimator tubes are provided laterally as well as vertically for adjusting alignment. Available in both Brass and S.S. Scale in size of 6" and 7".











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