Rotary Microtome (Erma Japan type)                Model GE- 68

Heavy cast iron base with entire mechanism covered with a heavy cast iron protective dust cover. It incorporates a Ball & Flange type object holder for exact centering of specimen. Lateral Movement of Knife holder ensures use of complete knife edge. Microtome has a feed range of 1-25 microns in steps of 1 micron each. Supplied with Razor 120 mm long with back and Handle, Dust cover, Honing Plate, Object Holder ( set of 3 ) and oil can. Razor supplied is made out of alloy steel & duly hardened for long lasting knife edge.
Optional :- Wooden Storing Box.


Senior Rotary Microtome Model GE-70

For very precise sectioning of tissue upto 1 micron thickness. The feed indicator, located in front of Microtome is operated by the latest "CAM DRIVE SYSTEM" for accurate feed setting from 1-50 microns in steps of 1micron. The interior mechanism rests on a heavy cast iron base and is covered with a full swing protective cover for easier cleaning & lubrication. The salient Features include: independent feed mechanism with automatic safety device, universal knife holder with lateral movements permitting use of the entire Knife edge, Universal vice type object holder for accurate centering of the specimen. Supplied with the following Accessories : Razor 120 mm with back & handle in box :- 1 No., Oil Can & Dust Cover :- 1 No. each, Honing stone in Box :- 1No., Object holder (set of 3) :- 1Set.


Automatic Razor Sharpener (Spencer type) Model GE-71

A portable and very precise automatic knives sharpening equipment for sharpening of all Microtome knives upto 180 mm in length and equipped with automatic timer to adjust sharpening time . The transparent acrylic cover encloses the entire working mechanism and provides a safe dust & grit free sharpening process.
The instrument is packed in a beautiful wooden cabinet along with following accessories:-
* Universal Knife Holder - 1 * Knife Inspection Block -1
* Redressing pad -1 * Honing plates-1 * Abrasive ( 250ml bottle)-1














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