Serological Water Bath Model GE-178

Double wall construction, inner being made out of Stainless steel and outer made out of mild steel sheet finished in white Powder Coated paint.
Temperature range 5 C above ambient to 80 C with accuracy of 0.5 C to 1 C is controlled by capillary thermostat regulated by a graduated knob on the panel, which is also provided with pilot lamp etc.. The baths are supplied without racks, thermometer and stirring arrangement.
Working chamber sizes in mm (inches)
A) 300 x 175 x 175 (12 x 7 x 7)
B) 300 x 250 x 175 (12 x 10 x 7)
C) 375 x 300 x 175 (15 x 12 x 7)


Water Bath Rectangular Model GE-180

(Thermostatic Control) Standard double wall construction, inner being of stainless steel, outer of M.S. duly powder coated and gap filled for temperature insulation with glass wool. Top cover with 75 mm (3) holes with concentric rings. Temperature range 5 C above ambient to 95 C controlled by a thermostat. Heating is attained by an immersion type element with accuracy of 1 C. Supplied complete with plug & cord. Panel provided with pilot lamps, thermometer control knob etc.
A) 5 holes B) 6 holes C) 12 holes.

Water Bath Rectangular (Single wall) Model GE-182
Body made out of thick stainless steel. Top made out of chrome plated sheet. Concentric rings to cover 3 dia holes are provided. Heating elements have an automatic cut-off device which operates when the bath gets dried. Equipment working on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase.
A) 6 holes B) 12 holes.

Water Still (Manestry Type) Model GE-185

Made of Stainless Steel. Electrically operated for getting pyrogen-free distilled water automatically. Wall hanging space saving arrangement is provided. The Body & condenser is seamless. Fitted with automatic ejection device which operates automatically when water vessel gets dried.
Output Capacity (Approx.):
A) Output approx. 2/3 liters per hour
B) Output approx. 3/4 liters per hour
C) Output approx. 4/5 liters per hour
















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