It is sensitive precision balance.
Technical Data:
Beam: Finest light brass beam
Knife-edges and planes: made of finest agate.
Arrestment: To beam and suspensions highly polished metal pillar fitted with six point Arrestment and extended support and single block guide.
Case: wooden polished case with divided doors.
Maximum Capacity: 250 Gms
Sensitivity: 1mg.


For use in colleges and Industrial Laboratories.
Technical Data:
Beam: Short beam of hard brass. The upper edge divided into 50 scale divisions to each side. Each scale division representing 1/5 mg. Rider on the scale.
Stand: All parts of brass.
Arrestment: Vertical raising type.
Pans: chromium plated, slightly concave inwards.
Case: wooden polished case, with front slider and two side doors.
Base: Sunmica black board.
Capacity: 200 gms.
Sensitivity: 1/5 mg


Rapid weighing short triangular beam analytical balance suitable for research Laboratories for precision work.
Technical Data:
Beam: Triangular short beam gun metal alloy. The rider scale fitted infront of the beam is provided with 100 notches with zero at the centre.
Knife-edges and Planes: Made of finest agate.
Arrestment: Vertical raising type.
Stand: All parts of brass.
Pans: Chromium plates, slightly concave inwards dia 7.5 cm.
Case: Teak-wood polished case with front slider and two side doors.
Base: Sunmica black board.
Maximum Capacity: 200 gms.
Sensitivity: 1/10 mg.


Twin pan balance for accurate and rapid weighing of masses upto 2 kg when used with supplementary masses.
The balance has a cast alloy base and feature angled beams with centre reading poises; undivided tare beam with a poise which slides and rotates for fine adjustment; spring loaded zero adjust compensator; precision ground knives and cross braced aluminium alloy box end beam.
Equipped with facility for under balance weighing.
Beams 0-200g X 10g, 0-10g X 0.1g Tare 224g
Pan, stainless steel, 150mm diameter.


A single pan, low form beam that will weigh up to 2610 gm when used with supplementary masses. the balance has three notched weighing beams with center indicating sliding masses, giving total weighing capacity of 610 gm. Additional masses are hung on the end of the beam increasing the capicity by upto 2610 gm. and they can be stored in the recessed base when not required with magnetic damping for quick weighing.
Equipped with facility for under balance weighing.
Beams 0-500 g x 100 g; 0-100 g x 10g; 0-10 g x 0.1g
supplimentary masses 2 x 1000 gm & 1 x 500 gm
Pan, stainless steel, diameter150 mm


A 4 beam balance with a suspended pan. Weighing capacity 311g. Sensitivity 0.01g. Height of stirrup approx 190 mm. Beams notched.
Four beams each provided with a slider, and graduated
0-200g X 100g 0-100g X 10g
0-10g X 1g and 0-1g X 10 mg. respectively.


The balance frame is of aluminium casting, having three point base with a levelling screw. The dual range arc scale 0-250 gms x 1 gm division and 0-1 Kg x 10 gms. With removable 135 mm dia x 50 mm deep plastic pan. The changeover is effected by a swing over mass on the pointer arm. A hook is provided below the pan for relative density and upthrust determinations.
Overall dimensions: 250 x 320 mm width x height.


Made of Acrylic in Tubular Shape. Available in various capacities, both in Newton and Grams.

100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1000gm, 2000gm etc,.


Made of Hardened plastic Flat form . Available in various capacities, both in Newton and Grams.

100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1000gm, 2000gm etc,.


Weights are of brass chrome plated in 1-2-2-5 series in velvet lined wooden box nicely polished with hinged lid. One 10 mg rider and forcep. Transparent cover to protect the fractionals from dust. Accurate.
Type                   .01       .02       .03
Set of 1mg to       50       100       200gms.

MASSES SET ( General Purpose)

Precision of chrome plated brass in 1-2-2-5 series. Minor fractionals are of aluminium and major fractionals are of Brass, 10 mg rider is nickelled, complete with tweezers and gram fractionals in screw cap plastic box to protect them from loss. Set is in polished wooden box.
Type                   .01         .02       .03       .04
Set of 1mg to      100         200      500       1000 mg

























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